Special Abilities and Rewards

Every Macumba class receives their own set of special abilities unique to the class. Additional general Macumba abilities which are not class-specific are unlocked at certain Macumba levels.

Besides those, there are countless other special rewards that may be earned by Macumba practitioners in a variety of different ways.

The most simple rewards are relatively easy to earn, while the higher rewards will take a tremendous amount of dedication to reach. The highest ranked rewards are basically impossible to get, but still the option is there for truly gifted individuals who also consequently dedicate most hours each day to Macumba, for several decades.

To give you a general idea of what such rewards may be, I will list a few examples below, in no particular order.

Special rewards which are relatively easy to get:
  • A special affinity for creating fertile earth
  • Better personal health
  • Higher Macumba energy reserves
  • The ability to create Macumba effects of a somewhat higher Macumba level for a limited number of times

Special rewards which take a long time to get:
  • Heightened mental or physical abilities
  • Detection of lies in all forms
  • Protection from harmful technological effects
  • Limited protection from forces of nature
  • A "sixth sense" for imminent danger

The absolute highest category of special rewards provide abilities similar to what one would only expect to see in fantasy movies or read about in books. They can make seemingly truly impossible things become a reality, but at the same time they are almost impossible to achieve.

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