Macumba Classes

When you are taken on as an apprentice by a Macumba teacher, in the beginning you must choose which class of Macumba practitioner you aspire to become.

For those who are new to all of this, Macumba should never be considered a hobby, it's more of a life choice. And especially during the several years of Macumba apprenticeship, it's literally a full-time activity.

The path of the teachings differs according to the chosen Macumba class, as each class has its own unique abilities that must be learned and mastered over the years.

Please note that I have to translate the class names into the English language. But to be honest, they do sound quite silly no matter which language you're speaking, but this is just what they have come to be called among Macumba practitioners. These names should not be taken literally.

If it was up to me, they would have been named differently, so that they don't sound ridiculous, especially when combined with the Macumba level system.

Click the links below to explore all of the five different classes.


"Macumba teachers"


"Helpers and messengers"


"The free spirits"


"The performers"

The Wise

"The politicians"

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