Personal Consultation

If you require personal assistance regarding Macumba item decisions, or if you want to find out how Macumba can be used to help your personal situation, I offer an email-based consultation service.

This consultation will let you find out how to solve your problems or wishes by using Macumba, if there are possible side effects, and if so, how to combat or avoid them.

Most people don't know or understand the dangers of Macumba when being practiced without the proper knowledge and preparation, such as when buying Macumba items from so-called "Macumba oracles" in Brazil, and put themselves in risk of dangerous side effects or entirely misplaced and unwanted effects.

Here you can purchase a professional consultation, which is the first step to find the most appropriate Macumba items and effects to help your situation. Because such a personal consultation can take quite a long time, a payment of 50 Euros must be made to benefit from this service.

When you order your personal consultation, we will work together via e-mail to find the best way to deal with your unique situation, and you will be offered the most appropriate choices of Macumba items or effects to deal with your situation in the right way.

Using this service, you might also be offered Macumba items and effects that have not been mentioned on the website.

If your personal consultation should be concluded without having much time invested in it, you'll also get a small discount on the Macumba item(s) that you purchase as a result of your consultation. This is because personal consultations are usually quite time-consuming, and that's what the payment of 50 Euros is intended to cover.

Talking about Macumba

You can also get a personal consultation if you just want to discuss Macumba-related topics, or to answer your questions and to explain various concepts in more detail. But keep in mind, this is not an offer to teach you how to use Macumba yourself, as that is not allowed to be done this way.

Getting in touch

  1. To get started with your personal consultation, please fill out this form stating that you wish to purchase a personal consultation.

  2. I will send you a reply containing the payment option details.

  3. Once your payment has been received, you will be contacted within 24 hours to begin your personal consultation.

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