Macumba Energy

Everybody who practices Macumba has a certain amount of Macumba energy available to them each day. Think of it like a battery that automatically recharges while you sleep.

How much Macumba energy is available to somebody depends on their Macumba level and other special abilities they may or may not have.

Every time a Macumba effect is used, or a Macumba item is created, a certain amount of Macumba energy is required to fuel it.

Exactly how much energy is required directly depends on the strength and type of effect being used.

In case this Macumba energy is drained completely, such as when overexerting yourself for a particular item that is just a bit too advanced for your current level, the person will also feel physically weakened and very tired until this energy is recharged.

Although this may sound dangerous, as if it feeds on your own "life energy", that is not the case.

Macumba energy is fully recharged during a "normal" night (or day) of sleep. So in case you only take a nap, it won't be refilled completely, but it can be enough to stop feeling tired.

All of this means that a high level Macumba practitioner will be able to use many more, and also much stronger Macumba effects than a relatively low level practitioner.

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