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Frequently Asked Questions:

Variable prices

All Macumba effects being offered on this website are created individually, according to each customer's specific needs and wishes. The price for Macumba items which do not have a fixed price depends entirely on the type of effect being used, and its exact purpose.

The outlined minimum price is meant for effects that are commonly employed by real Macumba practitioners, with prices going up as they get more advanced and more powerful.

This is because the creation of each Macumba item requires a certain amount of Macumba energy, of which each Macumba practitioner only has a limited amount available each day. As effects get more advanced and more powerful, more Macumba energy is required to fuel their creation.

If you want to find out how much specific Macumba items or effects you are interested in would cost, you may use this form to request a price quote.

Payment options

All payments are processed through PayPal.

In case you are having issues with PayPal, you may use this form to get into contact about other payment options that could possibly be arranged.

Accepted currencies

All payments have to be made in Euro (EUR). When using PayPal, their built-in currency converter can automatically convert your local currency into Euros when sending the payment.

To find out current exchange rates for your local currency, you could visit this online currency converter. But keep in mind that most banks and online payment processors, such as PayPal, will use their own currency exchange rates, which may be slightly different.


All items are shipped worldwide via DHL packages or international priority mail, depending on its size. All shipments include a tracking number.

Shipping costs are not included in the product price. Before your order is finalized, you will be informed about how much the shipping costs are going to be for your chosen Macumba item(s). In order to do this, I will have to calculate the shipping price according to the required package size, weight and shipping destination.

For example:
Most items fit in a padded envelope which costs about 7 Euros to ship internationally. Larger items, such as candles or talismans, have to be sent in a DHL package that costs about 16 Euros. Regardless of size, all shipments have tracking numbers attached.

If you have further questions or requests regarding shipping, you may use this form to get into contact.

Shipping time

It takes up to 3 days for your order to be shipped out, depending on what kind of Macumba item(s) you have purchased. Once all of your items are ready to be shipped out, regular DHL or international mail shipping times will apply.

Once your payment has been received, the work of creating your personalized Macumba items begins. There is lot of time and energy involved in the creation of Macumba items. Because of that, it can take several days to complete your order before it's ready to be shipped out. Usually this process takes one or two days, depending on what items are requested, but when I have to deal with multiple customers at once, the delay may become a bit longer. If there are any foreseeable delays that will take longer than three days, you will be informed about this before your purchase.

Keep in mind, all items that are being offered here include customized Macumba effects that are created individually for each order. None of these items are simply ready to be packaged and shipped out immediately, as with any regular online shop.

One common delivery example:
A padded envelope, which can hold several smaller items, going to the United States via international priority mail usually takes between 7-14 days to arrive. This includes the weekends.

For customers who require faster shipping methods, I can also send your items via DHL Express packages, but keep in mind that their delivery costs are not cheap.

Shopping cart system

There is no shopping cart system on this website, because Macumba items can achieve so many different effects that it would be practically impossible to list them all individually. It's much more easy and effective to let customers define their own needs and wishes and offer specifically what is needed to achieve these goals.

A real-life example: Someone is having chronic pain in his legs after having been in an accident recently, and orders a Macumba candle for "good health", using a standard shopping cart system, and believing it to be the best option available for his needs.

Doing so would not be as effective in lowering the pain in his legs as it could have been if he had explained his personal needs to me beforehand. By placing a personalized order, he would have received a Macumba health candle which would be specifically created to improve the condition of his legs, instead of providing an overall health improvement across the whole body, which is exactly what the general effect of "good health" would do without any further specification.

For example, if he had a serious heart condition as well that may manifest itself in the future, even without being aware of it at this point of time, Macumba's integrated "priority system" would assign all of the effect's energies to that, and ignore the condition of his legs completely, because the heart condition is ultimately more detrimental to his overall health.


Purchasing multiple Macumba items at once may result in getting a discount for your order.

This depends on what kind of Macumba items you purchase and whether they are connected to a similar purpose, or more individual effects. In most cases, you will be offered a discount if you purchase multiple Macumba items in one single order, because this makes their creation easier for me, and also saves some time with the packaging and shipping process.


Your personal data, e-mail address, and e-mail conversations will not be shared with any third party.

You also do not have to be concerned about privacy matters during the delivery process. All items are discreetly packaged. The envelope or package you will receive does not contain any references to Macumba items or on the outside at all.

Handling Macumba items

Macumba items should never be treated carelessly, like any ordinary objects.

Macumba items hold a certain amount of "living" energy inside of them, which is what fuels the actual Macumba effects. A direct, strong impact with hard surfaces, such as letting the item drop from standing height onto a stone floor, can seriously harm this energy held within the object.

Please keep this in mind when handling Macumba items, to ensure that their effects will not be lost due to mishandling. This is particularly important in the case of Macumba items that do not lose their power over time, such as Macumba jewelry, clay objects, or talismans. Such items have the potential to last a lifetime, if they are not damaged by their user.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't believe in Macumba. How do I know if your items actually work?
Macumba simply works, because it's a universal force/energy which can be applied in various ways, and not tied to beliefs at all.

If you've never heard of Macumba before, or you only knew it as some kind of religion, you are welcome to try it out and see the results for yourself. The true nature of Macumba is nothing like a religion or "Voodoo magic", that is largely based on faith and/or superstition.

You do not have to believe in Macumba at all to experience its effects. In fact, Macumba sometimes works even stronger for people who do not believe.

Of course, many people may still doubt the credibility of my claims, but you should ask yourself one simple question:

If I was just out to make "a quick buck" by taking advantage of superstitious people, why would I choose to invest so much time and work into creating a website about Macumba, a topic of which practically nobody has ever even heard of, and which is highly controversial to begin with, due to all of the misinformation spread about it?

If you say Macumba is so powerful, how come I've never heard of it before?
Unlike Voodoo and other "supernatural" practices, Macumba practitioners are generally not trying to make Macumba more popular. People who live outside of Brazil will most likely have never even heard of real Macumba, except for the religions that have nothing to do with actual Macumba, but this does not mean that they have never experienced its effects without realizing it.

While the majority of Macumba practitioners live in Brazil, and you are much less likely to experience Macumba outside of Brazil, there are always a few active Macumba practitioners in other countries as well.

People who practice Macumba do not make it plainly visible to people outside of their own Macumba circles, unless that is intended to be part of it, such as when performing certain rituals.

This is in one part because Macumba generally works best when the people being affected by it don't know anything about it. When using positive effects this is not as important, but when a Macumba practitioner uses a negative effect on somebody, they will generally not let that person find out about it. Macumba is also not used for boasting, so if someone were to tell another person "You will regret this action, bad luck shall follow you", that effect would be highly weakened, and in some cases might even be entirely dissipated. The less another person being affected by a Macumba effect knows about it, the more powerful it will be.

The knowledge of using Macumba is also not readily available to just anyone who would be interested in it. For example, you won't find instructions on how to create a real Macumba candle on the internet, or in any book you can purchase. Most people who practice Macumba get their knowledge of creating entry-level Macumba items mostly by passing it on from other family members. The number of people who have properly learned to use everything Macumba has to offer from a Macumba teacher is very low, so most people who practice real Macumba do so without actually having learned that much about it. The more powerful Macumba items and effects require many years of constant learning and practice to be mastered.

Because of the reasons above, Macumba is not nearly as widely known as popular superstitious practices that go by names such as Voodoo, Witchcraft, Black Magic, and so on.

I have bought Macumba items somewhere else before and they didn't work. How do you explain that?
There are several websites around that sell so-called Macumba items which actually have nothing to do with Macumba, so of course they will not work. You can easily spot these websites because they sell cheap "Macumba items" using a list of predefined items like any regular online shop would do, particularly candles in various shapes and colors.

For example, you can find fake Macumba candles in the form of a phallus that are said to give sexual powers or fertility. This is not only ridiculous, but complete nonsense. Real Macumba items are not sold from readily available inventories like in a regular shop, where you have a bunch of health candles and love candles in stock, among other things.

Real Macumba items have to be created individually for a person with a specific, personalized effect. It's possible for an experienced Macumba practitioner to create several "blank" Macumba health candles to have them immediately available when the need arises, but they are always given away personally, with their exact effect being specified when the candle is given to the person who needs it.

Another thing that may lead to non-working Macumba items is if you buy from a so-called Macumba oracle in Brazil. To learn more about what Macumba oracles are, read the answer to this question.

What are Macumba oracles?
Macumba oracles are largely only active in Brazil, where Macumba is being practiced the most. They are people who know about Macumba, but cannot practice Macumba themselves. They buy everything they can get their hands on that is said to be a Macumba item, and then resell it to make a profit. Since they are working in Brazil, they often do have real Macumba items. The thing when buying such an item is that you never know what effect you're going to get, or if the item you're buying actually isn't a real Macumba item at all.

An oracle can, for example, tell from experience that a candle which looks a certain way should have a certain category of effect (such as love, health, evil). But the oracle can only guess at what it will do, and if the oracle doesn't have help from someone who is experienced in Macumba, he/she won't even be able to tell if it's a real Macumba item or just something that looks similar to one. Such items that only look like Macumba items without having any actual Macumba effects come to be, for example, when someone who is not connected to Macumba has seen a real Macumba item and attempts to copy it, or when someone who only knows a few things about Macumba attempts to create an advanced Macumba item. If such an item then finds its way into the hands of an oracle, it will be sold as a genuine Macumba item. Of course they wouldn't admit this when being asked, since they sell everything claiming that it's an authentic Macumba item of high value.

So if you were to buy from a Macumba oracle, you might end up with an entirely different effect than what you have been told. Such an item could actually turn out to affect you negatively instead of what you have been told, and it could create dangerous side effects as well. For example, if you buy a "love candle" from an oracle, you don't know if this will help you to find a new partner, become more attractive to the same sex, or break up your already existent relationship, to name just a few exmaples. Or it might not do anything at all. Oracles might also have acquired Macumba items that are only meant to be used by a very experienced Macumba practitioner, or even just by its own creator, and such items can turn out to be extremely dangerous not only for yourself, but also to other people close to you, such as family members and friends.

Oracles often pretend being able to tell the future by using Macumba, and that is how they have come actually to be called "oracles" by the people who make use of their fortune-telling services. This is just make-believe, of course, because even if they had the knowledge of how to use Macumba to tell the future, oracles cannot directly use any Macumba effects or create Macumba items. The most an oracle can do with Macumba is to use Macumba items from their collection that have been created by someone else. The majority of Macumba oracles are femlae, and they always work alone. Other oracles are rivals to them, so they never support each other.

Why doesn't your website offer a section where customers can read or write testimonials?
I have deliberately chosen not to include such a section on this website. In my opinion, testimonials always invoke distrust and are mostly used in dubious business practices to trick new customers into feeling secure.

When you look at a website which includes testimonials, you will never find out whether an actual customer has written those texts, or rather someone who has been paid to do it, or even just the website owners themselves.

And even assuming that all testimonials were truly written by satisfied customers, do you really believe those websites would leave unfavorable testimonials online, or even publish them in the first place?

Can I call you to ask questions or to get a consultation?
I do not offer such services at this time, but it's possible that this might change in the future.

In the case of personal consultations, it's also in the best interest of customers to do this via e-mail instead of a telephone call, because this way you will have all conversations saved in your e-mail account for later reference, and don't have to remember all important points during an hour-long telephone conversation. This is also the fairest way to treat all customers equally at this point of time, because it would be hard for me to offer telephone support to people who would only able to call me during nighttime because of largely different time zones.

During a personal consultation, I also have to spend some time thinking about the best way to deal with your situation after you have described everything you wish to do. Depending on what it is you are trying to achieve, there may be hundreds of different ways of using specific Macumba effects, and I have to think about which way would be the most effective or most appropriate. After all, this is what you are paying for when you purchase a personal consultation, and this cannot be done as easily or effectively during a telephone conversation.

What is the difference between Macumba candles, incense and spells?
The main difference is that a candle's effect only works for the person who lights the candle. Incense affects all people who are in the same room where it's being burned.

Candles with negative effects, for example bad luck, would have to be accepted as a gift from the person you want to receive its negative effect, and then have to be lit by that person. As this is not very practical when you wish to put a negative effect on somebody else, this is where spells are commonly employed.

Spells are employed when you need fast and strong results, and can also be used on other people without their consent.

Can I have multiple Macumba effects in one object?
That is possible, but I wouldn't really recommend it, except in specific cases. Having different effects in one single item means the individual effects all have to be fueled by the same energy source.

Think of it like you're splitting up a cake. You can give 100% of the cake to one person, or give two persons half of each, and so on.

Macumba talismans are an exception to this, as they can hold up to five different effects without lowering their potency. This is because you can only own one talisman. Also there are a few advanced Macumba items that can easily have multiple effects at once, but that's another topic on its own.

How soon will I feel the effects of my Macumba item after using it?
It's impossible to accurately predict when Macumba effects become active, because this is different for every person and also depends on the effect being used. Some people start feeling the effect of Macumba items shortly after using it, while it can take up to 2-8 weeks for other people. Particularly strong Macumba items such as spells, clay objects and jewelry will generally always become active more quickly.

Can you tell me how long the Macumba effect I have used will last for me?
The duration of a Macumba item's effect depends on which effect it has been used for and is also different for every person. In general, the effect will last for 2-8 weeks or until its purpose has been fulfilled. For the more obvious effects such as happiness, good business, or love, you would easily notice it yourself when a Macumba item's effect has expired, or its purpose had been fulfilled.

Is it possible that someone is immune to Macumba or will not feel its effects?
No, everybody can be affected by Macumba. Unlike a religion or "Voodoo magic", you do not have to believe in Macumba to experience its effects. In fact, Macumba sometimes works even stronger for people who don't believe that such a thing exists.

The only occasion where a person might not be affected by Macumba is when that person has a strong protection from negative Macumba effects through items like protection jewelry or protection sand, and the Macumba effect you are trying to use against this person is of a negative nature. The chances that you would meet or know such a person are extremely small, as complete protection from negative Macumba effects is something only very few people enjoy.

Could the energy of a Macumba item be harmed during the shipping process?
All fragile Macumba items are being packed in a padded envelope or package, so that the shipping process will not harm them. Only a direct, strong impact with hard surfaces, such as letting the item drop from standing height onto a wooden floor, can harm the energy inside Macumba items. Also, Macumba spells do not require such protection at all.

Can I change the size of my Macumba bracelet (necklace, amulet) after I have purchased it?
If you have purchased a Macumba bracelet, necklace, or amulet and it doesn't fit you well enough, you may have its size changed at a jewelry shop, as with any ordinary jewelry. This will not damage its Macumba effect, unless it would be mishandled during this process, such as having it drop on the floor.

In the case of a Macumba amulet, you may also replace the entire necklace chain if you should wish to do so, but keep in mind that the chain or string of a Macumba amulet must be made of natural materials, such as genuine leather, silver, or stainless steel.

Can I buy multiple pieces of Macumba jewelry and wear them all together, or will this cause problems?
You can wear as many pieces of Macumba jewelry as you want. They will not disturb each other's effects when being worn together.

I heard Macumba is something you should be afraid of, is that true?
Such rumors mostly originate from people who have experienced negative Macumba effects without understanding what Macumba actually is. For example in Brazil, where most of the real Macumba practice is happening, many people are being affected by negative Macumba effects and can become very afraid of anything they perceive as even being related to Macumba.

People who have had such negative experiences related to Macumba can become very superstitious and will use the word "Macumba" for anything they think of as being somehow related to evil, bad luck, or "witchcraft", simply because they don't know where the effects they have witnessed are coming from and can't do anything to protect themselves from it.

Macumba itself is neither evil nor good, but it can be used for both. And even if you believe Macumba is something you should stay away from because it has the power to do evil, there is no real advantage to doing so, because Macumba can affect you whether you actively practice it yourself, or all the same if you've never even heard of its existence. If you are afraid of negative Macumba effects, there are certain ways to protect yourself from most of it. For example, you can use protection sand that will protect you from negative Macumba effects while in your home, or protection jewelry that will protect you as long as you are wearing it.

Would Macumba protection items also protect me from side effects when using powerful negative Macumba effects?
No, Macumba protection items, such as protection jewelry and protection sand, will only protect yourself from negative Macumba effects that someone else could be using against you. When using a powerful negative effect that brings side effects with it, you are knowingly using this effect even though it brings side effects, so you will not be protected from it.

If Macumba protection items also were able to bypass side effects that occur when using powerful negative Macumba effects, this would make them basically meaningless to all experienced Macumba practitioners who possess such items. Side effects are meant to deter the abuse of powerful negative effects, because the user also receives something negative in return when utilizing them.

If you are concerned about side effects, I am able to offer protection gemstones that will help to lower, or even completely absorb them. You can find more information about these gemstones in the answer to this question.

In case you are wondering why experienced Macumba practitioners cannot just use such protection gemstones for themselves, these gemstones can only be created for other people, and not for personal use. Among Macumba practitioners, Macumba items are never asked for or traded, so if a Macumba practitioner is experienced enough to create advanced protection gemstones, they are only rarely given as a gift to another Macumba practitioner when really needed.

How can I learn to use Macumba myself?
First off, you should read the page about Macumba teachers.

To actually find a Macumba teacher without knowing one, you would have to go to Brazil's poorest regions where most of Macumba is being practiced, and ask around for people who are connected to Macumba. Some of them may be able to point you to a Macumba teacher. But even in the case that you should find one, the chances of being accepted as an apprentice are extremely small, because there are so few teachers, and each one can only have a single apprentice at a time. The act of teaching Macumba to an apprentice is a very personal, involved and time-consuming process, so it can't be handled as with any regular classes that have multiple people learning from one teacher.

I believe something negative or evil is affecting myself/my house/my family/etc. - can you help?
Yes, I can definitely help. There are often cases where a negative Macumba effect is put on a person or place that noticeably influences your life or that of your friends or family, even if the affected person has never heard anything about Macumba, or doesn't believe in anything out of the ordinary. Examples of such situations are that you might experience increasingly bad luck and deteriorating health, suffer from recurring nightmares, or feel like somebody or "something" is following you, when in fact you are alone in your house. In cases where a more powerful negative effect has been used, this can also manifest in much more dangerous situations.

Most likely, you have also heard of people who say they have ghosts in their house, as such stories can be easily found all over the internet and even in some documentary films. While most of this is simply made up for various reasons (such as seeking attention or money), or created by their own imaginations and believed to be true, there are cases where real Macumba "ghosts" do exist. These are malevolent entities created by Macumba practitioners for a specific purpose, and they can cause people to suffer in various ways.

If you believe you have been the target of such effects and wish to do something about it, you should purchase a personal consultation, so that we can discuss your situation in detail. In most cases, you will not know what exactly has occurred to cause these things, so before I can offer you the right solution, first I have to find out what exactly is causing it. For example, it is often assumed that something negative has been put on a person itself, when it actually might be related with the house you live in, your neighborhood, or even a seemingly harmless piece of decoration that you bought somewhere and brought into your home.

Can a Macumba item be used to make a certain person fall in love with me?
In short, yes, it would be possible to make someone fall in love with you by using Macumba.

However, love is a very complicated topic because there are so many different ways to cause someone to fall in love with you, and many things to consider. Generally speaking, the easier it makes it for you, the more likely it is to bring side effects with it, because then it must manipulate the natural character of the other person. For example, you can make someone fall in love with you by using a Macumba effect that simply forces this person to fall in love with you, no matter what. This example would bring heavy side effects with it, both for yourself and the person being affected by it, because it basically forces this person to act against their own will and against their own natural character.

The best way to go about making someone fall in love with you by using Macumba is to use effects that will make it easier for you to build a relationship with that person and make them fall in love with you more naturally, instead of forcing it. An example of such an effect is that you will "stand out of the crowd" and this person will notice yourself more than anyone else. This effect does not change the character of the other person and will not bring any side effects with it. If the person you have in mind is someone who is quite shy, you might use an effect that makes it easier for them to be receptive or open to you, but not too much so that it would change the character of this person.

Another example that works well if you already know the other person a little, is to use a letter or a greeting card as dinner invitation that will cause this person to fall in love with you in a more natural way. This also does not cause any side effects.

Another example of a different kind is to make you physically more attractive to the other person. This does bring some side effects with it, mostly negative character changes, because it manipulates the other person to believe you to be more attractive than you normally would be to them.

All of the above-mentioned examples are meant for situations where you want to make someone fall in love with you who you have not had a relationship with before. In different situations, there are many different options, and it's basically impossible to list them all with examples here. Also there are many different kinds of effects to use when you already are in a relationship and need help from Macumba to improve it. The best thing to do when you want to make sure that you are going to buy the right Macumba item or effect for your situation is to purchase a personal consultation where the best options for your personal situation will be explained to you in detail.

If you have further questions that remain unanswered, don't be afraid to get in touch by using this form.

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