Gurus could be considered the "free spirits" of Macumba.

At a certain point during their Macumba apprenticeship, an aspiring guru must choose to which one of the three main natural elements he/she wants to be connected to. These elements are fire, water, and earth.

Each of these elements provides its own unique abilities to the guru, and defines the ways in which the guru can use these special abilities. For example, people who are working closely with nature, such as farmers, often choose the earth element, while people who are mainly looking to use Macumba as a tool for evil would often choose fire.

One of the main characteristics which separates gurus from other Macumba classes is that they are not obligated to practice Macumba every day if they don't choose to. Past a certain Macumba level, all other classes have to spend a certain amount of time practicing Macumba each day, to ensure that they do not get lazy and abandon Macumba practice once they feel they have earned enough power for themselves.

A guru's maximum Macumba level is also capped at 50, although this will still take most gurus their entire lifetimes to reach.

The guru class is most often chosen by people who wish to incorporate Macumba into their own lives, rather than the other way around.

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