Macumba Incense

Macumba incense comes in many different scents and can be used to achieve many different effects. Incense gives off its Macumba effect to all people who are present in the room where it is being burned.

Macumba incense can be used for yourself, or be given away to someone else as a gift. To benefit from the effect of the incense, you simply light it. There is no need to perform any "magic" or ritual.

The Macumba energy will start to build up from the moment the incense is lit and reaches its peak when the incense approaches the end of its lifespan. After the incense has been burned, its effect will become activated within a time span of 2-8 weeks. This time span is different for each person and depends on the effect being used.

The duration of the effect depends on which effect it has been used for, and is also different for each person. The effect will generally last for 2-8 weeks or until its purpose has been fulfilled.

Macumba Incense

Effect Examples

Below are some examples for which effect incense can be used for. This is just a basic outline and not a complete list of all available effects.

  • Good luck
  • Love
  • Health
  • Positive energy, positive environment
  • Happiness
  • Inner peace
  • Learning, easier understanding of new concepts
  • Memory or creativity improvements
  • Understanding of nature and animals
  • Understanding of the extraordinary
  • Working with soil and plants
  • Dealing with grief
  • Healthy skin, healing of wounds
  • Slower aging
  • Good business, more business opportunities
  • Beauty (causes side effects)
  • Wealth (causes side effects)
  • Negative effects (within limits)

Pricing and Ordering

The exact price depends on the type of effect being used, and its purpose.
For a more in-depth explanation, visit the F.A.Q. page.

Price outline for Macumba incense:

Minimum price: 20 Euros (approximately 23 USD)
Maximum price: 50 Euros

To place an order, or to request a price quote for Macumba items you're interested in, please fill out this form.

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