Introduction to Macumba


If you're new to this website, this is where you should begin reading. Here I will shortly explain a few fundamental things about Macumba, most of which will also be explained in further detail on the rest of the website. Your journey towards the truth begins here.

First off, it's best to forget everything you think you know about Macumba, because what other sources across the internet and other media refer to as "Macumba" is something entirely different from its true nature.

To get one thing out of the way first, Macumba is not simply "magic". Describing something as magic is mostly just another way of saying that you can't explain how it actually works. Neither should it be called "supernatural", because everything that exists in our universe has specific natural causes and underlying mechanisms.

A simple description of Macumba

To describe Macumba in a few simple words, it's a universal force/energy that can be used for both good and evil, and anything inbetween. In order to start harnessing its power, a person must possess the knowledge of how Macumba effects can be applied in various ways.

This knowledge is well guarded, and only allowed to be passed on directly from the very small number of Macumba teachers to their apprentices. Macumba is an incredibly complex and intricate system, which is why it takes many years to teach a new apprentice all of the required knowledge.

Macumba has always existed as a force in the universe, and its general usage in our world is naturally tailored towards it. Due to humanity's general state of mind towards perceived "supernatural" forces, Macumba had to be kept secret from the public eye for a long time.

Macumba's source of power

All of Macumba's power originates from a being we refer to as "Macumbeiro", who has existed since the beginning of our universe.

This being should not be refered to as a god or deity, because he's a natural part of our universe and exists for specific reasons, and actually prefers not to be defined in this manner.

For simplicity's sake, and due to his naturally very deep "voice" during telepathic communication, Macumbeiro identifies to us as male, which is why he's generally refered to as "he" or "him" during normal communication, although he can temporarily inhabit the body of any lifeform in our world, and holds no preference towards gender.

A short overview of Macumba

Macumba features a "hierarchy" system that is solely based on your personal experience and knowledge in Macumba. The more Macumba you practice, the stronger you get, with new abilities becoming available to use as your experience level grows.

This also largely depends on your personal capabilities. For example, some people require fifty tries to learn one specific thing in Macumba, while naturally talented individuals may be able to grasp it on the second or third try.

Thus far, the majority of Macumba practice has been concentrated in the slums of Brazil, and the amount of Macumba practitioners outside of these areas remains very low even to this day. This means only a tiny percentage of the general human population even knew about its existence, and its own tiny Macumba "biotope" was formed in the slums of Brazil, where words and ideas have originated from that are now used to describe Macumba.

In the past, several religions have been founded that are claimed to be a part of Macumba, or even Macumba in itself, which is ultimately not true. They are, at most, loosely based on scraps of the actual truth behind Macumba.

This website represents the first step towards shedding some light on the truth about Macumba. Never before has there been a publicly available source of true in-depth information about Macumba. The same goes for offering real Macumba items for sale, which is normally strictly forbidden among Macumba practitioners.

Due to my unique achievements in Macumba, I have been granted a special permission to do both of this, and to effectively bring about the changes that will eventually allow Macumba to step out of the shadows and into the light of this world.

Since its launch in 2010, up to the current day, has evolved from being an obscure "Macumba shop" into taking shape as the first and only public source of true information about Macumba, and naturally remains the only aource in this world where you can purchase authentic Macumba items that are created specifically for your needs.

So I'm glad to say that, finally, the time has come to take the next logical step towards the progress of Macumba and, hopefully, its availability as a tool for the betterment of mankind and our world.

I'll be continually working on this website over the following years to add more information about Macumba, and if necessary to rewrite existing topics for better quality and ease of understanding, as my English improves.

With all of that being said, I hope you enjoy this discovery, and I'm happy to have you along for this journey towards a brighter future. Don't be afraid to get in touch. :)

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