Macumba Level

Every Macumba practitioner has a Macumba level that grows with every action that is taken in Macumba. The Macumba level indicates a Macumba practitioner's experience and overall strength. The higher your Macumba level gets, the more practice and experience is required in order to reach an even higher level.

For example, let's say at level 14,1 you would have to create 25 Macumba candles in order to reach level 14,2. Now being at level 14,2 you would have to create another 50 Macumba candles to reach the next level of 14,3. These values are just a simplified example, the actual calculations are much more complicated.

At very high levels, this becomes so hard that it can take your entire life's previous Macumba work all over again just to reach the next level. The maximum Macumba level that can be reached is 99, theoretically.

Level Benefits

With higher levels, a Macumba practitioner receives access to more powerful abilities. Macumba level also directly defines the strength of all Macumba effects and items that are created.

For example, a good luck spell created by a level 40 Macumba practitioner would be much more effective than the same spell made by a level 15.

Most Macumba practitioners never make it past level 50 in their entire lifetime, as this already takes a heavy amount of daily Macumba practice.

It's common practice among Macumba teachers to only accept young apprentices, as the apprenticeship itself takes several years at least. Also, younger people generally have an easier time learning Macumba, and remembering the vast amounts of knowledge that will be required to finish their apprenticeship and become a fully fledged member of the Macumba class they chose.

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