The prominence of negative Macumba

It's no secret that the negative side of Macumba is much more prominent and perceptible than the positive side, which explains why most people are scared of Macumba in general.

This is in one part because most Macumba practitioners actually do tend to focus their practice of Macumba on negative effects, but also largely due to the nature of how the human mind generally works.

For most people, it's a lot harder to conciously perceive the positive aspects of life, in comparison to the negative ones. The parts of life where everything goes well and works out more or less as you would expect it to are most often just taken as granted and not given much thought.

After all, that's just human nature. If we were constantly thinking about all of the things that are going well in our lives, we would spend too much thought on that subject alone, so that it would completely bog down our mind.

Because of this hardwired human behavior of focusing on the negative aspects of life, on the pain, or on the problems, people also do not perceive the positive effects of Macumba nearly as easily as the negative ones.

Most positive Macumba effects work quietly in the background, while most negative effects will be happening right in front of your eyes.

This is one of the main reasons why most people rather tend to be afraid of Macumba, instead of approaching the subject in a more neutral fashion. They may recognize the presence of a possible threat, but do not fully realize that the same power can also be used to help them.

Below I will list a few examples of commonly used positive effects that may go largely unnoticed by their user, even though most of them actually do provide life-changing results.

Good health

You don't feel the absence of a certain disease in your body that would have manifested itself later on, if it hadn't been neutralized by Macumba before it even came that far. Macumba can actually heal diseases that aren't even curable by modern medicine, such as cancer, if the person applies the effect soon enough, before the disease has had a chance to spread and take roots throughout the body.

As human beings, we also don't conciously realize when all the different parts of our bodies are just working as intended. However, if even one thing isn't right, you will be made aware of this fact through pain or other noticeable symptoms.

Good luck

You don't get a sudden "flash of awareness" that your good luck effect just saved you from getting severely hurt, because you would have otherwise dropped an object that would have caused a chain of events where you would end up getting hit by a swerving driver.

Or on the other hand, actually letting that object slip through your fingers might have been the starting point of this chain of events which was influenced by Macumba to save yourself from an unfortunate situation. After all, this is just one example of a specific situation, and good luck effects can work in countless different ways that aren't even perceivable on the surface.

What we commonly refer to as "luck" is just a simple way to describe the complex underlying mechanism of cause and effect. Another well-known example of this concept is the "butterfly effect".

On the other hand, you mostly do notice it when you experience a streak of "bad luck", where unfavorable things just keep on happening to you. Of course, in most cases this can easily be explained as being pure coincidence, and the human mind naturally rates the impact of negative experiences higher than others.

After all, most of you who will be reading this aren't living in an area where Macumba is being practiced openly, where bad luck effects might be encountered more frequently. A powerful Macumba effect can push the above to the extreme, up to the point where everything that can go wrong actually will go wrong for the affected person.

Protection from negative Macumba

You aren't aware what horrible negative effects your Macumba protection item has neutralized, because they will never come into existence in the first place. Again, this one mostly applies to Brazilian locals at this point of time.

Slower aging

You don't have a personal time machine to see how much more wrinkly and older you would have looked liked now, if you had not benefited from this effect for the last ten years.

Positive energy

Most people don't conciously realize the presence of positive energy, because by definition, it makes your surroundings more "positive", which means you will generally feel better in such an area. And because human perception is naturally hardwired to focus on things that are wrong in order to protect us, you may not notice it as easily as something of a more negative nature.

On the other hand, negative energy would promote feelings that are much more noticeable to us, such as anxiety, restlessness, fear, or anger.

In some cases, the perceptibility of positive effects will also depend on your own situation, as it's also a matter of contrast, or actual need.

As a comparison, if you light a candle in a sun-flooded room, you won't notice much of a difference there except for additional heat. But if you have that same candle in a completely darkened hallway, it will make the difference between being lost in the dark, or being able to find your way out.

Macumba is a tool

Generally speaking, although some of the negative effects of Macumba may be truly terrifying, one should not lose sight of the many different ways life can be improved by employing the positive aspects of Macumba.

In the end, Macumba itself is just a tool. And metaphorically speaking, you can use that tool to build a house from the ground up and make it a place of comfort and joy, or you can use that same tool to wreck the house and burn everything within it to ashes.

Although in our world, it's always easier to destroy something than it is to fix it, or to create something from the ground up. This is also one of the many reasons why most people gravitate towards evil.

Inarguably, one of most powerful aspects of Macumba in general is the actual protection from its negative effects.

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