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Please note that this form is only meant to be used for placing an order when you have already decided what you would like to purchase, or to request a price quote on the Macumba items you are interested in.

If you have general, non-personal questions about Macumba items and effects, you should use this form to get into contact.

However, if you require personal assistance to select the right Macumba items for your needs, or if you want to discuss in detail how Macumba could be used to help in your personal situation, please visit the personal consultation page to get in touch.

Step One

Fill out the form below and specify which Macumba item(s) you would like to purchase and which effects you would like them to have. If you wish to have shipping fees calculated, you must select the country of destination and which shipping method you would like to be used in the drop-down menu on this page.

All shipping methods have online tracking, and the tracking number will be provided to you as soon as the package is sent out.

When ordering gender-specific items, such as Macumba jewelry or Macumba perfume, make sure to correctly select your gender or the gender of the person you will give the item to, in order to receive an appropriate Macumba item.

Step Two

You will receive a reply outlining the total cost for your personalized Macumba item(s), including shipping fees, as soon as possible.

Step Three

Once you have confirmed your final order, you will receive a reply containing the payment option details. You will then also be asked for the address where the item(s) will be shipped to.

I should also mention, all customers receive a free Macumba surprise gift along with their original order.

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