Macumba Painting Purchase

On individual request basis, I offer to create a unique Macumba painting using acrylic or oil paint on canvas, and ship it to you.

Most commonly used canvas sizes are 25 x 30 cm or 30 x 40 cm. I can also work with paper or water colors if you'd prefer that.

You can tell me what kind of general Macumba effect you would like the painting to have, but keep in mind that I do not offer to create negative Macumba paintings, as they are simply too dangerous.

A few good examples for available effects of your own choice include an aura of positive energy, heightened creativity, inspiration, well-being, mental order, etc.

You can also tell me a general "theme" you would like for me to consider before the painting starts. For example a blue background, or a big reddish thing in the middle, or generally dark colors.

But keep in mind that this is merely a suggestion and not a work order. I will certainly try to incorporate your wishes into the painting, but it may turn out very differently, as such is the nature of a Macumba painting.

You don't plan it ahead, but let it flow freely and become something of its own. Going strictly by pre-planned ideas would restrict the natural flow severely and, as a result, the power of the painting. Forcing a certain style or theme will also change the effect's outcome, as this creates a mental barrier that promotes negative emotions.

You can also get a general idea about my painting style from the pictures I have published in the Macumba painting gallery.

You may also choose which orientation the painting should have, either horizontal or vertical. This will be the way the painting is hung on the wall, with the signature always being in the bottom right corner.

Ordering your unique painting

The total cost for your unique Macumba painting will be 150 Euros, plus the shipping costs to get it delivered to you in a big enough package with a tracking number, which will vary depending on where you live.

Here are some estimated shipping costs from an online calculator:
  • USA: ~25 EUR
  • UK: ~15 EUR
  • Brazil: ~25 EUR

If you wish for the painting to have physical structures incorporated onto the canvas by using gluing techniques, add 50 Euros to the total price.

When you have decided to purchase a Macumba painting, these are the steps you will have to follow:

  1. Use this form to get in touch. This is where you can describe which general effect you would like your painting to have, suggest a painting theme, and choose the painting orientation (horizontal or vertical).

  2. I will calculate the shipping costs for your provided address and send you the final offer, along with payment details. Once I have received your payment, I will start to make the preparations for the painting process.

  3. You wait until I have finished the painting. This may take anywhere from one day to one week, because I have to wait for the right moment, and also make the necessary preparations first. A Macumba painting shouldn't be hurried, and you certainly don't want me to be in a bad mood during the painting proccess because of unnecessary time pressure.

  4. When the painting is finished, I will send you a picture of it to your e-mail address, unless you would prefer it to be a surprise when receiving it. Then I will pack it up and have it shipped to your address, and also give you the tracking number for the package.

  5. Very soon you will be the proud owner of a unique Macumba painting, enjoy. :)

Larger paintings

I also offer to paint on larger canvas sizes, anything that is still able to be shipped safely is possible to arrange.

If you wish to place an order for an extra large painting, you may use this form to get in touch so that we can shortly discuss possible canvas dimensions and extra costs that will be added due to higher time investment, required painting materials, and extra shipping costs.

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