Macumba Paintings

Macumba paintings are among the most powerful Macumba items in existence. As the name suggests, these are paintings made by Macumba artists that are heavily infused with Macumba energy.

All Macumba paintings are unique and can't be copied or recreated, at least not the part that makes them actual Macumba paintings. Viewing a picture of a Macumba painting has no effect, as only the actual painting itself can transmit the Macumba effects.

Macumba paintings are most commonly created using acrylic or oil paints on a canvas, but they can also be done on paper or with water colors.

Sometimes creative Macumba artists also glue small objects or structures onto the canvas, which are incorporated into the painting's theme. A few examples of materials used for this are sand, seashells, or pebbles.

Every Macumba artist has their own personal signature that is applied onto the painting in the bottom right corner, after it is finished. This seals the deal, so to speak, and locks the painting's effects in place so that future changes or accidents, such as scratches, don't affect them.

Below you can see an example of a Macumba painting I have created. If you wish to see more examples, visit the Macumba painting gallery.

Macumba Paintings

When a Macumba artist creates a Macumba painting, the final effect outcome will be heavily influenced by the artist's intentions and emotions during the painting process, and of course the overall power of the painting is determined by the artist's Macumba level.

Macumba artists must be focused during the painting process when specific outcomes are expected, as strong emotions can flow into the painting and change the end results. Macumba paintings can also be left "blank", meaning they would not have any active Macumba effects other than the neutral Macumba energy contained within, unless the artist lets too many specific emotions flow into the painting.

For example, if a Macumba artists creates a painting in a very sad mood, that painting will also spread a certain amount of those feelings. It's the same concept with happiness, or hate, and so on.

Since it's well known that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, a Macumba painting's visual attractiveness depends on your own tastes. Macumba paintings can be described as beautiful or ugly, and of course each Macumba artist has their own painting style, which may also fluctuate heavily between individual paintings or over time.

Most "typical" Macumba paintings are quite simplistic, very colorful, and could be considered to be not very aesthetically pleasing to most people. But in the end, it's not about how the painting looks, it's about what's inside it.

Another unique thing among Macumba paintings is that particularly powerful or special paintings are refered to as "masterworks". This is somewhat similar to the Macumba relics system among other categories of Macumba items, meaning these are paintings that Macumbeiro himself declares to be a masterwork. Such paintings are highly valued among the more experienced Macumba practitioners.

Paintings that come alive

Macumba paintings created by high level Macumba practitioners are well known to be truly powerful, and most of them will even develop a "life" of their own. For example, it's common knowledge among learned Macumba practitioners that Macumba paintings can start "wandering" around the house where they reside, which is quite unnerving to witness.

This means these painting open "doorways" for Macumba entities and energies to pass through and wander around the home as illusions. It depends on the painting who will be able to see these illusions. Sometimes only people other than the original creator can see them, sometimes everybody can see them, and sometimes only specific people can see them.

What will be seen is either the whole painting or individual parts of it walking, crawling, or floating around. For example, let's assume a Macumba painting depicts some kind of creature in the center of the piece. This creature could then start wandering around the home, and its size can also vary a lot. It might be the same size as it had been painted, or it could become a lot bigger. It might look like it's made of the actual paints that are used on the canvas, or it could turn into something that looks entirely realistic.

Most Macumba paintings that are especially powerful will display this behavior for a few days after their creation. Putting the painting inside a locked closet doesn't stop them from doing this either, as they do not use their physical shape to do this. This is also a behavior that is especially noticeable among Macumba paintings loaded with negative effects and energies, which also brings us to the next topic.

The power of negative Macumba paintings

Macumba paintings can be used to do both good and evil, as with almost everything in Macumba. But specifically among paintings, those that are created to spread negative effects are known to be especially powerful, and could even be considered the most powerful negative items in existence.

When a high level Macumba practitioner lets all of their hate and malice flow into a Macumba painting, the result is a truly powerful and very dangerous item.

A negative Macumba painting's greatest strength lies in its ability to hide its true face, and to put up a facade to trick its intended owner into actually loving it. As a general rule with all Macumba items, negative effects are highly amplified when the targeted person accepts the item of their own free will. If that person actually desires the item, or even forms a personal bond with it, the effects are amplified even more.

Since paintings are always created specifically for one person, a malevolent Macumba artist can incorporate many mechanics into the painting that will trick its future owner. For example, the affected person can be led to believe that this is the most wonderful work of art they have ever seen, and they will never let it go, they would even protect the painting with their own life if they had to. The affected person can be made to see something different than what is actually painted on the canvas.

Such paintings could also be effectively hidden to others as well, by simply painting over the whole canvas again with another painting, while the actual Macumba painting still resides in a sealed off state underneath, and remains undetected.

Negative Macumba paintings are very active and can be quite harmful to people suffering their effects. For example, one behavior that is quite common among powerful negative Macumba paintings is choking people in their sleep, who then wake up with reddened hand imprints all around their neck. Also, this effect is not just an illusion.

Shadow figures that will watch and follow you around your home are another common occurence that originates from such paintings, as is a constant feeling of dread.

Another few common examples are deteriorating health up to the point of constant illness, mental disorder, or hatefulness. Negative Macumba paintings can spread many effects in the home where they reside, with the specifics depending entirely on the creator's intentions and intensity of emotions during the painting process.

The only way to stop the effects of such a painting is to destroy it completely, so that it can't be reassembled. But this can also be dangerous, because these Macumba paintings will fight back, even physically if that's their last option. Depending on their power and the painting's depictions, many different things can happen.

For example, if you try smashing it with a hammer, wood splinters and pieces will shoot for your most vulnerable parts. If you burn it, flames will reach for you, and if you actually look into the flames you will see shapes and colors that are not part of a natural flame. This shape can leave the actual flames of the painting and come for you.

In case you ever have to deal with such a painting and don't want to risk simply destroying it, get in touch with me, and I will try to help you as best I can. Since a Macumba painting cannot be neutralized directly, other than by destroying it, there are only a few ways left to effectively deal with such a painting.

Purchasing your own unique Macumba paintings

If you are interested in purchasing your own unique Macumba painting, visit the following page for more information.

Keep in mind, I do not offer to create negative paintings.

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