Unlike any of the other classes, Macumba priests do not actually choose their class, and do not have to complete an apprenticeship with a Macumba teacher.

Macumba priests simply are born with the knowledge that they are a part of Macumba, and will live their lives accordingly. There is no other way to become a Macumba priest.

Macumba priests are the ones who are called on for support if another Macumba practitioner needs help with anything that is related to Macumba.

For example, if a low level Macumba practitioner needs to perform an important Macumba ritual which he/she couldn't do on their own, a Macumba priest would be called for help. Or if a Macumba practitioner has an important question that needs to be answered as soon as possible, the priests would be the ones who can relay the required information.

Macumba priests have a telepathic link to Macumbeiro, which is how they can communicate with him. This link is used to ask questions if the need arises during their various tasks, and to let them know where they are needed next.

This ability also is unique to priests, meaning they are the only ones who can communicate with Macumbeiro directly. Note that it's not actually impossible for Macumbeiro to directly communicate with other Macumba classes, but I only know of one such occassion, as this is normally an ability only available to priests.

I will also explain how other Macumba practitioners can get in touch with Macumbeiro, in another section of the website that will be coming out soon.

Macumba priests are also tasked with the delivery of any requests or suggestions to the council of "the wise".

In order to perform their tasks efficiently, Macumba priests employ a special ability which they use to get around very quickly. In Macumba this is called "going around corners". This ability is also something they're born with, and no other Macumba class can have access to it.

Due to being born as a part of Macumba, priests are naturally well attuned to Macumba. This means they can actually feel the presence of Macumbeiro, when they visit a place where he has been before, or the presence of powerful Macumba practitioners and items.

Some Macumba practitioners who have a particularly strong intuition about Macumba can also recognize priests when seeing them.

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