Macumba Protection Sand

Macumba protection sand is a protective sand that is poured over your doorstep(s) that lead into your house or apartment. As long as your doorsteps are warded by this sand, you will be protected from negative Macumba effects while you are in your home.

Macumba protection sand can only be used for yourself. It cannot be given away to someone else as a gift.

The line of protection sand you pour does not have to be thick, as long as it clearly divides your home from the outside. This sand only protects you from negative Macumba effects, so you don't have to worry about any interference with positive Macumba effects.

Macumba protection sand is shipped in small amounts to avoid unnecessarily high shipping costs for you. When you receive the protection sand, you have to mix the given amount of protection sand with any regular sand of your choice. This will provide you with enough protection sand to cover your doorsteps without being sparing. This is part of its design and does not weaken the strength of its protection.

The final amount of sand you mix may not exceed 4 kilograms. You can store the rest of your mixed protection sand to re-apply your line(s) of protection sand when necessary.

Macumba Protection Sand

Pricing and Ordering

Price for one bag of Macumba protection sand: 75 Euros (approximately 87 USD)

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