Macumba Relics

Macumba relics are items that have either been directly touched by Macumbeiro, or items that Macumbeiro declares to be a relic due to displaying extraordinary qualities of some kind.

Macumba relics represent the most powerful Macumba items in existence. Most Macumba relics have a unique function that can't be replicated by other items.

Macumba relics come in many different variations. If the item is man-made, their shape or form is always meaningful, or useful in some way that is tied to the relic's usage. Such objects are mostly handcrafted out of natural materials such as metal, clay, stone, wood, or glass.

Some natural Macumba relics also exist, such as certain gemstones, or other natural items displaying unique properties.

Some Macumba relics are multiple individual parts of a whole that forms the actual relic, such as the three glass bottles in the picture below.

Macumba Relics

There are even some Macumba relics that complement each other to unlock additional uses, such as the tall object in the middle and the black pyramid-shaped object to its left.

Macumba relics are pricelessly valued among high-level Macumba practitioners, as they respresent the most sought-after Macumba items in existence.

Due to their unique nature, some Macumba relics can only be used as a tool by certain people that fulfill their requirements.

Another thing specific to Macumba relics, they all have a unique name. Most of them have distinct Macumba names, while others have been called more or less descriptive names that will vary with the spoken language.

Some examples of Macumba names:
  • KLIE
  • KOOG
  • TEFI
  • LYLY
Some examples of descriptive names:
  • Aura
  • Elephant Box
  • The Bean
  • The Flute
  • Zebra

Macumba relics are created in two different ways, as explained below.

Directly touched by Macumbeiro

When Macumbeiro temporarily inhabits the body of a person or animal, anything he directly touches becomes a Macumba relic.

During a visit from Macumbeiro, this naturally leads to the creation of many "blank" relics such as empty bottles, drinking glasses, pens, and so on. Since anything he touches becomes a Macumba relic, all of these items have to be deactivated by him after such a visit is concluded.

Approved by Macumbeiro

Having an item lifted to relic status is a very rare occurance. This usually only happens when very specific circumstances are met, such as multiple high-level Macumba practitioners having worked together on the creation of one very special item.

Such items must either display extraordinary craftsmanship, or other unique properties to be deemed worthy of becoming a relic. And in the end, even some objects that may seem truly special might not be considered to be worthy by Macumbeiro himself.

The total number of Macumba relics in this world is currently less than fifty.

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