Sorcerers might be considered the "performers" of Macumba, as they frequently display very impressive effects to accompany their use of Macumba.

Each sorcerer carries their own personally crafted staff which is used to create their specialized Macumba effects.

This so-called staff can be anything ranging from a simple handcrafted walking stick, to extravagant and intricately decorated staves.

As a unique ability among sorcerers, they can shape Macumba energy by using their mind and staff to take actual physical form. These effects are not just optical illusions, but they are temporary.

For example, if a sorcerer creates an animal made out of fire, you will actually feel the heat when coming close to it, and everybody around can also see this.

In its basic form, sorcerers use the most natural elements for these shapes. For example fire, earth, and water. But they can also create realistic representations of objects or beings.

For example, a sorcerer could have a realistic car racing towards you that would dissipate shortly before hitting you. But doing this takes an extreme amount of Macumba energy, and even high level sorcerers could only do this once a day, generally speaking.

The more basic an element is, the less energy it takes for a sorcerer to call into reality. For example, high level sorcerers could "play around" with fire all day if they wanted to.

The size of shapes they call into reality have to be relative to something that already exists. For example, they can create a life-sized elephant, but they couldn't make a chicken as tall as a building.

Naturally, these effects could also be very dangerous. But unless a sorcerer actually intends to attack someone, they will be careful not to hurt others with their shapes because they would suffer side effects.

Sorcerers are the most widely chosen class among Macumba practitioners, due to the obvious "wow factor" of this unique ability.

Because sorcerers display these extraordinary effects while practicing Macumba, and due to their characteristic use of a "magic staff", they have come to be called by this name. Or maybe it's the other way around, and our current ideas of sorcerers/wizards being this way actually stem from truly ancient Macumba practices, but I'm not well-versed enough on the history of this name to assume facts.

As a negative aspect of this class, they also do heavily rely on their personally crafted staff to work their Macumba effects. Without their personal staff, sorcerers can only achieve the most basic of Macumba effects. Their staff must be in some way connected to their body in order to work with it. This means for example either holding it directly, or having it slung across their back.

In case their personal staff is broken through an accident, a sorcerer has to craft another one from scratch. This process generally takes about 3 to 5 years, or more precicely, a timespan that is at least as long as their Macumba apprenticeship has been. One of the first things apsiring sorcerers do when starting their apprenticeship is beginning the creation of their own staff.

In many cases when a sorcerer's staff breaks it can even have a fatal ending, because the sorcerer is left in a very weakened state and becomes easy prey for others wishing harm.

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