Supernatural Practices

Most people question why I claim that Voodoo, Witchcraft, Black magic, and any other so-called "supernatural" practices do not really work, while many people strongly believe that they have experienced real effects from such practices.

But in the end, it's down to one very simple fact. These practices do not really work, because there simply is no other universal force/energy that can be utilized in such ways, besides what we came to call "Macumba".

In fact, the true of nature of Macumba is so far removed from the connotations of the actual word, that it might have been a better idea for me to simply call all of this by another name of my own invention. So far, nobody except for trained Macumba practitioners (whose population is roughly estimated around one thousand) really knows about the true nature of Macumba.

By using its original name of Macumba, I have to fight against centuries of accumulated disinformation to get the truth out there, and I also have to deal with the fact that Macumba practitioners responsible for coming up with names to describe the various concepts of Macumba weren't very thoughtful with their naming process.

There are many ridiculous sounding names, such as levels, priests, sorcerers, the wise, and the list goes on. Or maybe that was their exact intention, to hide the true face of Macumba behind yet another dubious "magical" practice.

In the end, I don't want to twist the truth just to make it easier to work with, which is why I'm presenting everything on this website in its original form. And as you should know from reading the introduction page, announcing the true nature of Macumba to the public is something that has never been tried before.

Below I will try to explain a few causes which may lead people to believe that these "supernatural" practices actually do work. Also please keep in mind that I'm not trying to tell people to stop their own beliefs or practices. Everybody can and should follow their own free will and beliefs, as long as they're not hurting others.

The power of your mind

In most cases, such practices don't cause any actual effects by themselves, and what believers experience is mostly happening in their own imaginations. You can compare it to a placebo effect.

If a person believes strongly enough that what they're doing will cause something specific to happen, the human mind can fill in lots of blanks, and as a result even cause changes in your body to occur. As the common saying goes, "faith can move mountains".

This also is part of our mind's natural way of working. Because in the end, if you've already gone far enough to actually try your own hand at Voodoo, for example, you're already in a mental state where you're expecting a result, even if you may not conciously realize it. Your mind expects at least something to happen, anything, so you're subconciously looking everywhere for clues to validate those expectations.

Macumba works behind the scenes

In other cases where people try these practices and truly do not believe in them, but still come to witness some real effects, it's actually Macumba that is working behind the scenes, even if you didn't realize it.

This happens because, sadly enough, sometimes Macumba items or knowledge falls into the wrong hands and may then be incorporated into other practices, with Voodoo having become the most popular one among them.

Scraps of knowledge

For example, if a well known practitioner of Macumba dies in Brazil, and the news of their death spreads, their home will immediately become a prime target for "Macumba oracles" who will come to raid the house and steal everything they can get their hands on.

These so-called Macumba oracles could best be described as Macumba scrap dealers. They don't have any actual connection to Macumba, other than the fact that they collect any and all items or parts they believe to be connected to Macumba. It's enough for them to assume something is a Macumba item, since they can't actually tell the difference.

When this happens, they might get lucky and find something similar to a "recipe notebook" for Macumba items from the deceased Macumba practitioner's belongings. Since such an item is worth a fortune to them, they will try to sell it immediately.

So if by chance such a book finds its way into the hands of someone who practices one of these supernatural belief systems, the Macumba knowledge that is written within may then be partly incorporated into this other practice. But even if such a book falls into the wrong hands, the unrightful owner would only be able to create the most basic entry level Macumba items.

Even if such a book contained the description of advanced Macumba items, this would be completely useless to them, because creating these items requires a higher Macumba level than they will ever be able to achieve without going through an actual Macumba apprenticeship with a Macumba teacher.

Macumba knowledge might also be spread to different supernatural practices when, for example, a family member knows a few things about Macumba and teaches someone who normally practices Voodoo about the creation of basic entry level Macumba items.

In the end, such mislabeled Macumba items that you might have acquired from various sources will be much less potent than Macumba effects coming from an experienced Macumba practitioner, because they are only able to create relatively weak entry level Macumba items, at best.

Oracle shops

The most common way to bring Macumba into different practices is when someone buys items from a Macumba oracle, either unaware of it being Macumba or on purpose to try something else, and then incorporates them into their own supernatural practice. This is how many Voodoo shops have come to acquire some items that actually do work, even if they are rarely described accurately. The thing about Macumba items is, they always work, even if a person doesn't know how to use it properly, or doesn't even know its real effect.

For example, a Macumba candle only needs to be lit to release its effect. Whether this is the intended effect by the person who lights the candle or not doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if someone first pours oil over the candle, engraves their name on it and then dances widly around it on a night of full moon while visualizing their expected wishes. As long as the candle simply gets lit, it will release its effect.

It's the same concept with all other types of Macumba items. A spell just needs to be read, incense only needs to be burned, jewelry just needs to be worn, and so on. This means that other practices, such as Voodoo, can include their various rituals and performances when reselling or giving away Macumba items they have purchased from an oracle, because it won't make a difference to the end result.

However, it's always dangerous to buy Macumba items from oracles in Brazil, for various reasons. For one, you will never know whether the item you have bought from an oracle is a real Macumba item in the first place, or just something that has found its way into their hands because they believe it to be one.

Even if it turns out to be a real Macumba item, you will never know exactly what effect it will release when being used, even if the oracle supposedly tells you all about it. Macumba oracles are great salesmen, after all. Even if they assume an item to contain a negative effect due to its looks or other properties, they surely won't tell you because nobody would buy it then. The simple fact is, Macumba oracles cannot find out what effect a Macumba item actually contains, and can't even tell for sure if it's a genuine Macumba item at all.

Another large contributor to this oracle problem are cleaning ladies, which are often hired in Brazil to keep the homes of Macumba practitioners clean after their daily uses of wax, clay, paints and other ingredients that can cause a lot of dirt around a home.

In such situations, they sometimes might get a chance to steal a few Macumba items without being noticed, which are then sold to Macumba oracles for a very good price. Or they might be able to learn tidbits of Macumba knowledge because they're often close to where Macumba is being practiced by the owner of the house. If they believe to have picked up something useful, they will offer to sell this information to the oracles.

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