Macumba Talismans

Macumba talismans are unique objects that are either made of wax, or clay with inset gemstones. Talismans come in many different shapes and colors and will be handmade according to your specific needs.

A Macumba talisman can only be used for yourself. A talisman cannot be given away to someone else as a gift. You cannot own more than one Macumba talisman at a time. To benefit from the talisman's effect, you only need to keep it somewhere in your home. There is no need to perform any "magic" or ritual to receive its effect.

Unlike other Macumba items, such as spells or charms, a talisman does not have an immediate effect. Instead, the talisman slowly increases its effect on you every day and grows stronger over time. Because a talisman's effect grows stronger over time instead of losing its power, it is a good long-term investment for Macumba effects that you would always like to remain active.

Another thing that adds to a talisman's uniqueness is that they can hold up to five different Macumba effects without losing their potential power that normally occurs when splitting up an object to hold more than one effect. This is because you can only own one talisman.

Macumba Talismans

Effect Examples

Below are some examples for which effect talismans can be used for. This is just a basic outline and not a complete list of all available effects.

  • Good luck
  • Love
  • Health
  • Positive energy, positive environment
  • Happiness
  • Inner peace
  • Learning, easier understanding of new concepts
  • Memory or creativity improvements
  • Understanding of nature and animals
  • Understanding of the extraordinary
  • Working with soil and plants
  • Dealing with grief
  • Healthy skin, healing of wounds
  • Slower aging
  • Good business, more business opportunities
  • Beauty (causes side effects)
  • Wealth (causes side effects)
  • Protection from negative Macumba effects

Pricing and Ordering

The exact price depends on the type of effect being used, and its purpose. In the case of talismans, it also depends how many different effects you want to have included.
For a more in-depth explanation, visit the F.A.Q. page.

Price outline for Macumba talismans:

Minimum price: 100 Euros (approximately 116 USD)
Maximum price: 250 Euros

To place an order, or to request a price quote for Macumba items you're interested in, please fill out this form.

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