The Wise

The wise could be refered to as the "politicians" of Macumba.

A long time ago, Macumbeiro decided that Macumba's usage on this world should be governed by a council of humans, to make sure that our ways of using Macumba would be effectively managed on our own.

The wise create and change rules which govern the ways on how Macumba may or may not be used. When a Macumba practitioner wants to suggest a change to the way Macumba can be used, they must make an official suggestion to the council of the wise, who will then come together to vote on the issue.

Even after their Macumba apprenticeship is completed, becoming an active member of the council of the wise also has an age requirement, which is supposed to ensure that they actually display wisdom.

In their spare time, the wise try to think of new ideas on how Macumba could be used. If they come up with a good idea that will actually be used by other Macumba practitioners, they will get rewards for every time it's put to use. Sometimes they also make up new rules and will bring them forward to the council of the wise for a vote.

To put new rules into effect, the vote has to be unanimous. For example, if a council of 35 wise vote on an issue, all 35 of them have to agree on it to affect a change.

Once they have voted to put a new rule into effect, it becomes almost impossible to cancel out later on, even in the case that it doesn't make much sense anymore in the current day and age.

The wise are known to be stubborn, and can be very reluctant to change a rule that has already been put into effect, unless it serves their own interests in some way. In such a system, corruption and self-interest are naturally widespread issues

The wise are known to be the most feared and powerful members in all of Macumba, because they can keep on coming up with rules and additions to make themselves more powerful. They only have to follow the most basic Macumba laws.

Their name most likely originates from ancient times, where such a ruling council of elders might be typically refered to as "the wise".

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