What is Macumba?

What actually is Macumba? That is a really hard question to answer, because it's so difficult to describe in words what Macumba really is, especially to people who haven't had any firsthand experience of Macumba on their own.

This is also made even harder by the fact that the inner workings, and detailed explanations of how Macumba can be used, are not allowed to be shared publicly.

As an example, Macumba practitioners aren't allowed to tell you how they put the actual Macumba effects in a candle, for example, and what significance the different wax colors and layers hold during the physical candle making process, and so on.

To try and describe it in simple words, Macumba is a kind of universal force/energy that is present all around us. It flows through every thing and every living being, more or less.

By mastering the ancient arts of Macumba, we learn to make use of this energy in its various forms, and how it can be controlled to affect our reality.

Macumba, in its most basic form, is the ability to make changes. It opens pathways to make the otherwise impossible able to be grasped and defined.

Macumba is a part of life, and also a part of death. Macumba can be used to do tremendous good, or to cause acts of great evil. Macumba can be very obvious, or completely concealed, and sometimes one cannot even define where one begins and the other starts.

Defining it for yourself

Most people come up with their own explanations of how they would describe Macumba.

To many people, it's their religion (however wrong that may be). To some people, it's a powerful tool they just want to use for evil, or for good. Some uninformed witnesses of Macumba effects would simply refer to it as "a miracle". And to many Brazilians who have personally witnessed Macumba's frightening negative effects, it's something they want nothing to do with out of pure fear.

As I said, it's almost impossible to accurately describe what Macumba is to someone who doesn't have some firsthand experience of it through the learning and practice of Macumba.

Firsthand Macumba experience

If you were truly interested to get some firsthand experience of Macumba practice, you would have to travel to the shady parts of Brazil, to the poorest districts and the slums, where actual Macumba is being practiced more or less openly.

When asking the locals about Macumba, most of them would be able to point you to the nearest publicly-known Macumba practitioners, or to the more dubious Macumba oracles. But don't be surprised if they don't care to speak to you about this topic at all, or start shouting phrases such as "Chuta que e Macumba".

While this surely won't explain to you what Macumba actually is, you would at least be able to define what it might be to yourself, after you've seen some real life examples of it. Personally, I really wouldn't recommend it though, because it's definitely not a very safe environment for tourists.

In my opinion, the most accurate short description for Macumba would be that it's a universal force/energy that can be used for both good and evil.

What Macumba is not

So after we have established that there is no simple way to describe what Macumba actually is, on the other hand it's quite simple to describe what Macumba is not. Everywhere you look, there are examples of so-called "Macumba" that are actually not related to Macumba in any way.

Fake Macumba items

Real Macumba items are not available for sale on any other website or local shop. Below you can see a few examples of fake Macumba candles which can be found in various shops.

Fake Macumba Candles

You may wonder how I would claim to know this as a fact, but again the answer is quite simple. Publicly selling Macumba items is generally forbidden among all Macumba practitioners, as is spreading too much information about it. The only exception to this rule are Macumba oracles, but since they are basically just "Macumba scrap dealers", they are being tolerated more or less at this point of time.

As a reward for my achievements in Macumba, I have been granted a unique permission to create this website in order to spread true information about Macumba and to offer real Macumba items for sale, something that has never been seen before.

Various misinformation

Macumba was not created in Africa or Brazil, as most other sources would have you believe. To put it simply, Macumba has always been a part of our universe, and always will be. While it certainly is being practiced the most in South America and Africa, this is not where Macumba originates from.

Macumba itself is definitely not associated with animal abuse, such as putting various objects into the mouth of a frog and then sewing it shut in order to create "Macumba" effects. This cruel practice can be found online when researching the topic of Macumba.

Personally, I am very much against any kind of animal mistreatment. While some old-fashioned Macumba practitioners actually still sacrifice black chickens to fuel their Macumba rituals, this is not necessary in any way. It's simply their old tradition that has become too widespread, also partly due to misinformation. The same effect can be achieved with red wine instead of chicken blood, for example.

Why Macumba is not a religion

Many sources, such as Wikipedia and various books on this topic, would have you believe that Macumba is some kind of religion, but this is simply false information.

Actual Macumba is not a religion or faith, and also not associated with belief, prayer, gods, or worship. The religions that are known under the name of Macumba have practically no connection to the true nature of Macumba, and of what is being offered on this website.

However, religions that have had some actual ties to Macumba do exist. For example, there have been many people who have witnessed the effects of Macumba in the past, and because they could not explain it to themselves how such things are possible by any other means, they thought it must be coming from some kind of god or deity.

In turn, they started to build a religion with made-up Macumba deities at its center, and because Macumba can be easily witnessed by anybody where real Macumba is being practiced, they have attracted a healthy amount of followers to these religions.

Followers of such religions try to practice Macumba in many ways that are not connected to real Macumba at all, such as leaving various offerings, or making animal sacrifices to their made-up Macumba deities.

In the end, these religions have nothing to do with the true nature of Macumba, except for the fact that their various beliefs originate from witnessing actual Macumba effects.

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