Macumba Wish Books

A Macumba wish book is a special notebook in which you write your "everyday" wishes. At some point in your life, which is different for every person and every wish, these wishes will be fulfilled.

You may not own more than one Macumba wish book. Also nobody except yourself should ever be allowed to read your wish book.

You can write one new entry into your wish book every day, but keep in mind that they have to be "everyday" wishes related to your own life. For example, a wish to turn invisible or to win the lottery would not be granted.

Macumba Wish Book

Wish Examples

Below are some examples for wishes that a Macumba wish book could be used for. These are just a few suggestions for wishes that can be achieved by a wish book. What you will write into your own wish book is completely up to you.

  • I wish to fall in love with someone who will love me back
  • I wish to find a better paying job
  • I wish to be a happier person
  • I wish good health for my family
  • I wish to quit smoking
  • I wish to be more energetic
  • I wish to get along more with my colleagues
  • I wish to become a better gardener
  • I wish to socialize with other people more easily
  • I wish to learn Chinese more easily

Pricing and Ordering

Macumba wish book prices available on request.

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